10.12.06 - A workshop production of the stage musical adaptation of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein is but weeks away, and still the project has yet to find it's Dr. Frankenstein (that's pronounced Frahnken-shteen). Per the New York Post, the producers' first choice was (of course) Hugh Jackman, but the Boy from Oz is simply too busy with films. A few days ago, SNL alum Jimmy Fallon threw his hat into the ring with an audition that "went well," but the front-runner may actually be Tom "Ed" Cavanaugh, says the Post. Already in place on the cast are Kristin Chenoweth as Inga, Sutton Foster (in the Madeleine Kahn role), Desperate Housewives' Roger Bart as Igor, and Cloris Leachman (reprising her film role of Frau Blücher).

9.22.06 - Justin Long is joining Bruce Willis in "Live Free or Die Hard," playing a sidekick for McClane.

8.3.06 - From According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures is holding its teen comedy, Accepted, for a week, pushing its debut to Aug. 18 so it won't have to compete with the thriller Pulse (with Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell) and the hip-hop Strictly Ballroom, Step Up. Personally, I'd rather put my Justin Long (Ed) laffer up against either of those flicks than the (hopefully) camptacular Snakes on a Plane, which it will now be opening against.

8.1.06 - Justin Long will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno the night of Monday, August 7th.

8.1.06 - Don't miss Justin Long in his new movie, "Accepted," opening in theaters on August 11th.

5.2.06 - Don't miss Justin Long in a new series of Mac ads by Apple Computers.

4.24.06 - From Danny DeVito, Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and Justin Long are teaming up in the indie comedy "One Part Sugar."

3.24.06 - CBS has signed Tom Cavanagh for the lead role in its comedy pilot My Ex Life.

  Josh Randall
Josh Randall by
Monty Brinton/CBS
3.22.06 - Ed's Pal Glad to Be Courting Alex

by Matt Webb Mitovich

It was a tall order — literally — finding the right man to play opposite statuesque Jenna Elfman on CBS' Courting Alex, which makes its Wednesday-time-slot debut tonight at 8:30 pm/ET. In the end the sitcom opted to pair Josh Randall, the man formerly known as Ed's Dr. Mike, with the woman formerly known as Dharma. Here, Randall speaks with about his alter ego's certain swagger and weighs in on how Alex avoided the grim fates suffered by Emily, Jake and that familiar Monkey. Jenna is 5'10" and you're over 6 feet tall. I have to think that Courting Alex's casting office looked like basketball tryouts.
Josh Randall: [Laughs] You know, I happened to come in at a time when there wasn't anybody else waiting, but I imagine that was part of the criteria — you had to have some height. In what ways are you and your Courting Alex character, blue-collar Scott, the same? In what ways are you different?
Randall: I had a sort of similar route in life in that I have tried different things and tried not to lock myself into one particular path, and that's kind of the route he has taken, having worked in the corporate world and then as a firefighter in Montana, and now has come back to run his grandfather's bar. He and I are both open to what life brings you. Are you as much a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy?
Randall: Not to the degree that he is. [Laughs] I like the certain "swagger" they've given Scott. For example, he knew from the get-go that Alex wanted him but she just wouldn't come out and say it.
Randall: The character had to have a certain degree of confidence to be able to match up to Jenna, who is so confident and smart and beautiful. He had to have some moxie to make their relationship work. But there is a fine line between having that and being cocky or arrogant, and I've been trying to find the balance there. Seeing what happened to Heather Graham's (Emily's Reasons Why Not) and Tom Cavanagh's (Love Monkey) own mid-season series about the dating life, were you worried about what this TV season might have in store for Courting Alex?
Randall: Tom [the star of Ed] is a great friend of mine and I was sorry that his show wasn't given more of a shot, and Heather Graham's show, I was really surprised to see them take something off the air after one episode, but.... I mean, it's Heather Graham, for chrissake.
Randall: Yeah, it's Heather Graham, exactly. However, those shows were different in trying to kind of mine new territory in ways that we are not. As big a [film] star as Heather Graham is, Jenna has a built-in TV audience, which I think was to our advantage. As is having [sitcom vet] Dabney Coleman [playing Alex's father] — all he has to do is walk onto the set to get laughs. How did you react to the time-slot change?
Randall: I wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first, but I'm convinced, as many people are, that it's for the best and that it's a vote of confidence from CBS that they believe the show is working well enough on its own, that it no longer needs the swanky [Monday] time slot to get its audience. They must believe that we, along with Out of Practice (airing at 8 pm), can resurrect the Wednesday-night comedy lineup for CBS. Speaking of Wednesdays... dude, you totally got your neck snapped as one of the tailies on Lost!
Randall: Yes! It's still sore. You had to be stoked to dip your toe into that phenomenon, if only for just for a few minutes.
Randall: Yeah, it was great. I don't actually watch a whole lot of TV, but that's a show that I do try to catch, so it was really cool to be a part of it. In addition to being such a good show, it's a great atmosphere in which to work. It's [filmed in] Hawaii and the cast and crew are all easy and fun people. It's funny, when I went away to do Lost, it was a little while before we started Courting Alex, and I got a call at the end of my stay on Lost from [executive producer] Rob Hanning saying, "Where are you?! We need you back. We're about to start!" And then we just jumped into it, and we've been working steadily [ever] since.

3.13.06 - Kristin at E!Online is reporting that it looks like Tom Cavanagh's show Love Monkey is realy over. However, at least Cavanagh's Scrubs episode will air soon!

2.23.06 - People magazine reports that Tom Cavanagh and his wife, Marueen, welcomed their first child, Alice Ann, on February 10th.

2.22.06 - While it looks like Tom Cavanagh's new show, Love Monkey, is probably gone for good, this has at least freed up Cavanagh to reprise his role as J.D.'s older brother, Dan, on Scrubs. Cavanagh returned to the set last week. In his episode, which is slated to air in April, Dan comes to town to avoid a job interview his mother has set up for him.

2.9.06 - Variety reports that CBS has shelved Tom Cavanagh's Love Monkey after just three airings as part of a Tuesday-lineup shuffle. Taking over the 10 pm/ET slot is The Amazing Race (which premieres Feb. 28).

1.30.06 - TV Guide gives Cheers to Josh Randall for scoring love-interest roles on a pair of sitcoms, Scrubs and Courting Alex. The Ed vet romanced Scrubs doc Sarah Chalke—at least until he shared a fantasy so perverse she couldn't even discuss it. Now he's wooing Jenna Elfman's titular lawyer a a motorcycle-riding bar owner on Alex. Plus, Randall played a doomed castaway on Lost earlier this season. He's come a long way from Stuckeyville.

1.15.06 - 'Love Monkey' Is Music to Cavanagh's Ears Viewers may argue about what the title really means, but one thing about "Love Monkey" is crystal clear: This new CBS comedy-drama, which premieres Tuesday, Jan. 17, is a blast of fresh air, particularly for anyone getting a little weary of the network's usual all-crime, all-the-time lineup. More...

12.7.05 - Michael Ausiello of TV Guide Online mentioned that Julie Bowen was spotted on the set of Lost this week.

12.5.05 - Ed creators Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman are creating a new show about a group of guys who plan to rob a celebrity. Burnett and Beckerman originally titled their script "I Want to Rob Jeff Goldblum." They were apparently unable to convince Goldblum to take part in the show, however, so another celeb will become the target. Grounded for Life star Donal Logue is signed to star.

11.28.05 - Tom Cavanagh's new CBS show, Love Monkey, will premiere on Tuesday, January 17th at 9pm ET.

11.16.05 - From Kristin at E!Online: While there are no plans for Julie Bowen to appear on Lost again anytime soon (she is busy with Boston Legal), Josh Randall will be in this week's episode as someone named "Nathan," likely one of the folks from the tail-end of the plane that didn't make it.

8.17.05 - Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reports that Julie Bowen flew to Hawaii last week to shoot another episode of Lost.

8.10.05 - CBS has greenlit the midseason dramedy Love Monkey, which centers around a group of thirtysomething friends played by Tom Cavanagh, Jason Priestley and Larenz Tate.

7.27.05 - Julie Bowen will not only continue to appear in the occasional episode of Lost, but she has been cast in ABC's Boston Legal.

4.8.05 - The ABC pilot that cast Julie Bowen has been named Love Life. The show is set in Philadelphia and follows the lives of two groups of friends, all in their 30's, who become friends. Filling out the cast are Henry Simmons, Tom Everett Scott, Michael Landes, Alan Tudyk, Lucy Davis, and Sophina Brown.

3.21.05 - Julie Bowen will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, March 22nd.

2.26.05 - Julie Bowen has been added to the cast of ABC's untitle ensemble comedy project from Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfton and produced by Touchstone TV. Other new cast members include Alan Tudyk and Michael Landes. The premise is a group of single thirtysomethings, all living in Philadelphia.

2.11.05 - CBS cast-contingent pilot project Love Monkey (Paramount Network TV/Sony Pictures TV) has cast Tom Cavanagh, thereby removing the contingency. Love Monkey is about four single guys in the dating/relationship process, all chronicled by a music producer - Cavanagh.

11.7.04 - The November 7th issue of TV Guide gives Cheers to Tom Cavanagh for reprising his big-brother act with Zach Braff on Scrubs. The actors not only look like siblings but also share a familiar chemistry. Best known as Ed's fresh-scrubbed title character, Cavanagh shows off his range as drunken layabout Dan Dorian. Now that Ed's gone, here's hoping Cavanagh checks into Scrubs more often.

10.13.04 - Josh Randall will guest star on Joey the night of Thursday, October 14th.

9.27.04 - TV Guide Online: Late Late Show Hires Temp

The years have been good to Michael Ian Black. By just happily existing during the '70s, '80s and '90s, the actor/comedian did enough research to provide VH1's popular I Love The... specials with some of its funniest observations and spot-on comments. But since VH1 has momentarily run out of decades, the former bowling-alley manager on NBC's Ed is keeping busy with a pilot for Comedy Central (with two of his comic cohorts from The State). Tonight and tomorrow night, he'll also be sitting in The Late Late Show's guest-host chair.

TV Guide Online: Have you ever done any interviewing or guest-hosting stuff?
Michael Ian Black:
I did. When Stuck on You came out, I interviewed Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Cher and the Farrelly brothers for a special on Comedy Central. And I learned that, in person, Matt Damon is actually gorgeous. Incidentally, so is Cher. The woman is stunning, to the point where, I mean, I was having fantasies about doing Cher while interviewing her.

TVGO: How's your wife?
[Laughs] How's my wife? She's good. I have two kids, none of them by Cher. Older boy, younger girl.

TVGO: Amy Brenneman is one of your guests. Are you a big Judging Amy fan?
No, I've never seen the show. [Laughs]

TVGO: Do you plan to get an episode in beforehand?
Ehh... We'll see. I don't know. [Mock indignant] I mean, how much preparation can I possibly be expected to do?! I'm a busy, busy man. I'm only going to have so much time in Los Angeles when I'm out there. I mean, I think Amy Brenneman is lovely and I'm looking forward to speaking with her. Doesn't mean I have to see her work.

TVGO: Also, Jason Ritter from Joan of Arcadia is another one of your guests. Have you seen that show?
No. I've heard it's good. I don't watch a lot of popular television. I'm a parent, [so] generally, I watch animated children's programming and Blue's Clues. If you're gonna have Joe from Blue's Clues on, we can talk for hours. This is gonna make me look real good. "Do you watch Judging Amy?" "Noooo." "Joan of Arcadia?" "Noooo." I'm gonna make a prediction right now: The interviews are going to be very good — not from my end, but they're going to be very good.

TVGO: You're arguably more well-known now for being in the VH1 specials than anything else.
Well, you'll get no disagreement that if people know me from anything these days, it's from VH1. Ironically, I get recognized for being on Kids in the Hall more than I get recognized for being on Ed, and the fact is I was never on Kids in the Hall. On an almost daily basis, somebody comes up to me and says, "Hey, weren't you on Kids in the Hall?" I say, "No," and then they say, "Shut up! Yes, you were... You d---."

TVGO: At least you've got the recognition for VH1.
It's kind of good to be known, almost regardless of what you're known for. Paris Hilton is case in point of this. She did nothing except release a sex video and now she's "Paris Hilton" in capital letters. So, the point being, look for my sex video coming out any day now.

TVGO: I may not.
It's really hot.

TVGO: So... Before you go, since we'll have to wait until 2010 for VH1 specials about this decade, can we get a sample of your take on current pop-culture stuff? Reality TV, for instance?
It's unbelievable to me that people are seeking out ways to humiliate themselves on television. Honestly, I don't understand how they think it is going to improve their lives to be known as the guy who ate the horse's ass on Fear Factor. I really don't. You know, I think if you're in line for a promotion at work and it's you and the other guy, if I'm the boss, I'm probably going to pick the guy who didn't eat the horse's ass.

by Danny Spiegel

9.24.04 - The team of Rob Burnett/Jon Beckerman and NBC Universal Television/Worldwide Pants are developing a sitcom pilot and have cast Chazz Palminteri in the starring role - a father returns to rekindle or in fact create a relationship with his son, whom he left shortly after his birth.

8.23.04 - Tom Cavanagh will reprise his role as J.D.'s brother in two episodes of Scrubs this October.

8.17.04 - Tom Cavanagh, 35, married Sports Illustrated photo editor Maureen Grise July 31st in Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is the first marriage for both.

7.29.04 - Tom Cavanagh has signed on to headline ABC Family's holiday-themed movie "Snow."

3.8.04 - Julie Bowen has been cast in a new NBC pilot for next season, which further proves that Ed will never return. Bowen will join Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer as the spoiled daughter of a deceased mogul fighting his wife (Gasteyer) for control of his business.

3.3.04 - From Roush Riff in the February 28th issue of TV Guide: Way to go, Ed. When NBC's charming romantic comedy quietly took its (almost certainly) final bow earlier this month with a happy ending in a jubilant bowling-alley wedding for Ed and Carol, it was all somewhat lost amid the hoopla of the countdowns for higher-profile series finales. This was a bittersweet finish, with Ed's fourth season trimmed by several episodes, resulting in an early exit. But at least the show's loyal fans got the emotional climax they'd long awaited, as Ed kissed his bride and toasted friends and family in Stuckyville, an oasis of quirky enjoyment that will be missed.

2.20.04 - Fervent Ed fans took out a full-page ad in today's Variety begging NBC to renew the show for a fifth season. "This was above and beyond," says exec producer Rob Burnett of the $5,000 gesture. "We were touched that people would actually spend their own money for something like this." NBC recently told TV Guide Online that Ed's Feb. 6 season finale was likely the show's swan song.

2.6.04 - Matt Roush's Dispatch: Few things are as bittersweet as saying goodbye to a series you're not ready to let get away. But rare is the situation when a show is cut short and yet allowed to end on a satisfying note.

Such is the case with Ed, which ends its fourth and presumably final season tonight (Friday, Feb. 6) with a joyous wedding celebration for Ed and Carol (the ever-delightful Tom Cavanagh and Julie Bowen). If you don't choke up at Ed's final toast to his beloved friends and family, all gathered at (where else) Stuckey Bowl, as the camera pans over the tearful faces of characters we've come to know and love, then you probably haven't been watching.

Your loss.

Ed's executive producer and cocreator Rob Burnett phoned me earlier this week and sounded satisfied with this episode, even though it came upon us much too soon (NBC reduced the number of episodes this season to 17). "We feel like we got closure," he said. His main regret: That NBC never gave Ed a chance at a 10 pm time slot, where he believes it could have flourished into an adult hit like CBS' Northern Exposure (the show it most often resembles in its generosity of spirit towards the quirky folks who inhabit the offbeat world of Stuckeyville). Burnett feels, and I agree, that many of the people who would flock to a sophisticated and witty hour-long comedy generally aren't watching TV at 8 pm many nights.

So I was genuinely surprised when NBC renewed Ed for this fourth season, and I've long considered these final episodes something of a gift. Watching the last few weeks, as NBC trumpeted the "final" episodes in its promos, has been painful for sure, but also pleasurable. Ed epitomizes the "sleeper" hit, a show whose high-income demographics NBC regularly trumpeted even when the overall ratings slumped. So what if it wasn't a monster hit? Ed wouldn't have known what to do with hype if it had received any.

It goes into my TV scrapbook as one of the sweetest, most unassuming charmers to grace the small screen. That Ed survived at all in this current climate of bottom-feeding reality TV and grim formula crime fare is something to be celebrated.

Long live Stuckeyville — in our memories, at the very least.

Julie Bowen and Tom Cavanagh
by Craig Blankenhorn/NBC
2.6.04 - From TV Guide Online: The End of Ed?

The NBC promos have not been subtle. "On the final episode of Ed, it's the moment you've waited four years for. America's favorite love story ends with a wedding finale." (Those nuptials are tonight at 9 pm/ET, by the way.) That seems pretty clear cut, and yet, there's been no official cancellation of the show. So on this last day of filming at Ed's Stuckeybowl set in New Jersey, it's a bittersweet moment. "I think we look at this as a series finale," says exec producer Rob Burnett. "The story began with Ed coming back to Stuckeyville and asking out this girl who didn't know him and today we're filming their wedding. It feels to me, and to all of us, this is the end of the story."

To say that there have been a few obstacle-filled chapters along the way would be an understatement. For Carol (Julie Bowen), it began with an arrogant boyfriend, continued with a supremely cocky fiance and briefly detoured for a sad-sack — but very persistent — school accountant. Not to be outdone, Ed (Tom Cavanagh) traveled a winding romantic road that included some speed bumps named Bonnie, Frankie, Liz and Kelly Ripa.

What could have been a one-note series about Ed and Carol's roller-coaster relationship instead became a pleasantly surreal world populated by very patient best friends, eclectic bowling alley staffers and a few spastic high school students. "The cast is very strong and when you have that, you're already 80 yards down the field," says Burnett. "A lot of times we'll write something and you audition people and you're, like, 'Oh, my God, this isn't funny.' And then suddenly you get the right person in there and it's great."

There's the right person and there's also, arguably, the right time for a series to bring down the curtain. "It's been a terrific run," NBC president Jeff Zucker tells TV Guide Online, "but the odds are this is its final season." Zucker also confirmed that the actors have been told they have permission to look for pilots. Nevertheless, he does add that "we're going to leave ourselves a little flexibility for when we put the schedule together in May."

Sidestepping the uncertainties of network programming, Cavanagh has taken a more reflective outlook. "When you're fortunate enough to be given something so great," he says, "part of the moral contract is you gotta treat it with respect. I think that means not overstaying your welcome, and I don't believe that we have. If this is the time to call it, certainly, I think everybody can be very happy and proud about what they've done here."

Daryl "Chill" Mitchell
courtesy NBC
2.5.04 - From TV Guide Online: Ed Star's Wedding Day

It's the last day of filming for Ed's fourth season and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell is needed on lane 11 at Stuckeybowl. He wheels over to be at costar Tom Cavanagh's side as his eponymous character, Ed Stevens, exchanges vows with the now-attainable Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen). While the show's deliriously happy couple are starting a new life together, Mitchell, who joined the offbeat NBC drama just a year and a half ago, realizes that this is probably a series — not season — finale.

Mitchell has been at this juncture before with The John Larroquette Show and Veronica's Closet, but this time it's different. His role as Eli Cartwright Goggins III was his first gig since the November 2001 motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. "[You] fall in love with cast members," says the Bronx-born actor, "and when the show ends it hurts so bad. So I said to myself, I ain't doing that no more. But then you get to the point where you gotta physically depend on people. I've flipped this chair over on this set, scared these people to death so many times, but they pick me up. You develop a sense of commitment."

Back in 2002, the former member of rap group Groove B. Chill was more concerned about supporting his own Atlanta-based family, wife Carol and three kids. It was hard enough, he says, being a minority when looking for roles, never mind the added wrinkle of a wheelchair. Luckily, thanks to his Hollywood connections, Mitchell landed a meeting with Ed creators Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman, who offered him a part that very day. The only one happier than Mitchell was his mother. "I had Rob and Jon call her," he says, "They was, like, 'We just wanna let you know that your son has been cast on our TV show.' My mother's like, 'Thank you, Jehovah!' I can still hear her say it to this day."

At first it appeared that he was there to ease out Phil ( Michael Ian Black), Stuckeybowl's previous top manager, but ironically Eli's formidable presence had the opposite effect. "His arrival was actually a great blessing for my character," notes Black, who had worked with his new costar in regional theater in the mid-'90s, "because it allowed the writers to show Phil as vulnerable in a way that he hadn't been before."

But Phil's vulnerability was nothing compared to the way Mitchell has exposed the more sensitive aspects of disability. Last season's inspired episode in which we saw a time-lapse sequence of the considerable efforts it takes for Eli (and Daryl) to get dressed each day was surpassed only by last month's groundbreaking — and candid — story line that led to Eli having sex with his girlfriend ( Marcy Harriell) for the first time since a similar accident.

Mitchell's costars, however, are hesitant to fall into the "Isn't he so brave" trap when discussing the actor. "I wish there was a way I could say something that wouldn't lean toward cliche and hyperbole," says Cavanagh. "It's a somewhat disheartening experience because every time I talk about Chill, I never feel like I've done him justice. This guy is amazing. He truly is."

With Ed likely having bowled its last game, Mitchell is prepared for his next act, whether it's another show with Burnett and Beckerman or going back to producing music (he hopes to develop some rap and R&B acts). Nevertheless, on this big day, his thoughts are of his fellow Stuckeyville residents. "They literally saved my life," he says, "because without this show, I don't know where I would be in my mind. If this hadn't have come along at the time that it did, there's no telling where I would be. This show proved to me that I could still do what I love to do."

2.4.04 - NBC has been touting Friday's wedding-themed Ed as the show's "final" episode -- and for once it seems the Peacock's promo department is telling it like it is. "It's been a terrific run, but the odds are this is its final season," NBC entertainment president Jeff Zucker tells TV Guide Online. Although Zucker adds there's a small chance the 4-year-old dramedy could return next season -- "We're going to leave ourselves a little flexibility for when we put the schedule together in May" -- he confirms that the show's actors have been given the green light to pursue other work. Translation: Fork. Stick. Done.

12.18.03 - Aiken Pops Up on 'Ed' - As tensions are revving up for the newest installment of FOX's "American Idol," the two finalists of last season's edition are beginning to spread their acting weeks. On the same day that UPN announced that winner Ruben Studdard was set to appear as himself on an episode of "One on One," NBC announced that "Ed" scored the series acting debut from runner-up Clay Aiken. Aiken will appear in a January episode of NBC's relationship dramedy. He'll play a singing star named Clay Aiken. Neither "Idol" finalists is ready to show off their Method acting chops just yet, apparently....

12.10.03 - TV Guide Online reports that Lea Thompson (Caroline in the City, "Back to the Future") has been cast in a three-episode story arc on Ed, set to air in January. For more information on her role, see the previews page.

11.26.03 - Ed will be moving into the Friday 9pm time slot for January and February, replacing Miss Match which will be going on hiatus to return in March. Donald Trump's new reality show, The Apprentice, will be airing in the Wednesday 8pm time slot.

11.8.03 - Roush Rave from the November 8th issue of TV Guide: After three years of keeping them apart, NBC's Ed has brought together the romantic comedy's core couple of Ed and Carol. The good news: This happy ending isn't the end of the story. So far in this delightful season, the pair has survived a period of adjustment that has seen them cope with the loss of the relationship's "new car smell," confront skeletons of past affairs and get their friends past the awkwardness of their now-public displays of affection. But the show's focus has always been braoder, to embrace all of Stuckeyville. There's more to love than just the lovers. On Ed, happiness makes the heart grow fonder.

11.3.03 - TV Barn: "Jackass" by Aaron Barnhart

This is turning out to be the week of insider payback jokes on our national airwaves. First came the insertion of Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales' name into an episode of "The O.C." Shales, who had panned the Fox teen drama in August and predicted its early demise, was referenced as an off-camera patient suffering from incontinence in the same hospital ward as one of the show's characters.

Now it seems a much older score was settled on this week's episode of "Ed." The scene in question features Rupert Jee, known to millions as the proprietor of the Hello Deli, just around the corner from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, from his countless appearances on David Letterman's "Late Show."

Playing himself, Jee is approached by Carol (Julie Bowen), who wants an interview for "a piece on celebrity spotting in New York City." Jee turns her down cold, saying: "I'm sorry, I don't do press anymore. Back in '96 I got hosed by some jackass at the Observer." (The clip was replayed on Thursday's "Late Show.")

Just a line in a TV show – but as any regular viewer of "Ed" knows, this show takes its cultural references seriously. As Jee said his line, my ears perked up. Was that "jackass," in fact, yours truly, who in May of 1996 authored a 3,500-word indictment in the New York Observer all about the "Late Show" and its alarming decline in quality?...

10.31.03 - TV Guide Online: Creepers "Haunts" Ed Star

The original Jeepers Creepers freaked out a whole lotta people (us included), and none more so than Ed's Justin Long. But it wasn't what he saw while playing the creature feature's embattled protagonist that gave him nightmares, it was what we didn't see.

"The hardest scene for me to do in that movie," he tells TV Guide Online, "was the one right after I saw all that scary scary stuff [in the Creeper's stiffs-stuffed lair]. We all really wanted to make it authentic... to make that fear as real as possible. I didn't know how I was going to do it. It was the kind of experience that leaves a [gray] streak in your hair" — á la JoBeth Williams in Poltergeist.

Nonetheless, the junior achiever was determined to give himself a proper case of the heebie-jeebies. To that end, "I sat in a car for a good hour and a half," he recalls, "just thinking about the worst things imaginable, sobbing, snot running out of my nose, hyperventilating, thinking of family members dying in terrible ways.

"I don't recommend this for other actors!" he adds with a laugh. "It's just something I felt I had to do to get to that point [emotionally]."

Long pauses before continuing, the memory of what happened next as fresh in his mind now as if it happened yesterday. "Finally," he continues at last, "they were ready. I had a horrible migraine headache because I was just drained. The crew was being very respectful. They were even going to do my close-up [shot] first, so I could just let go a little bit. And then... "

He pauses again, perhaps reliving the dreadful moment. When he begins anew, there is a note of incredulity in his voice, of mock outrage. "Then," he says, "it started raining. I got really upset! [Getting that scene done] took well over two hours, and then it was cut out [of the picture], anyway!" Scary, indeed!

10.15.03 - From TV Guide Online: Life After Love on Ed by Daniel R. Coleridge

At last! Ed and Carol are lovahs. But with their sexual tension broken, where does NBC's Ed (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET) go from here? "If we were in other hands, I think it would be a dangerous situation," Tom Cavanagh tells TV Guide Online. "But our writers are so clever, they've taken that storyline and gone gangbusters.

"When they decided to have us move in together," TV's fave bowling-alley lawyer recalls, "the way they did it was to have us dress up as chin monkeys — you're upside down and your chin looks like a monkey — when I ask her to move in. Anyone who thinks of that won't do a typical television move-in situation. That makes us feel like we're in very good hands."

Cavanagh promises there'll still be "romantic tension and conflict, somehow" in Ed's upcoming stories. Asked for preview hints, he slyly evades the question by goofing on his comely costar, Julie Bowen, who plays Carol. "Julie gets undressed a lot," he cracks. "And if that isn't going to bring the viewers in, I don't know what will. When Julie takes her clothes off, everyone goes, 'Yay!' And then I start doing it, and it's, 'Whoa, we want to stay on the air!'"

"That is not true," Bowen says in Cavanagh's defense. "But there is a lot more of being horizontal. That much is true. That's definitely true — and that's not a bad thing!" — Additional reporting by Ileane Rudolph

9.10.03 - The ACLU of Southern California is auctioning off an autographed pilot script of Ed on eBay. The current bid, as of Wednesday late afternoon, is $100.

7.30.03 - The season premiere of Ed will air on Wednesday, September 24th.

6.4.03 - TV Guide Online: Ed Star Stinks Up Broadway - This summer, Tom Cavanagh, that cute bowling alley lawyer from NBC's Ed, leaves Stuckeyville to visit a dark, not-so-pleasant place called Urinetown. Before you pinch your nose in disgust, we're talking about a Tony-winning Broadway musical....

5.12.03 - Ed has offically been renewed by NBC for another season, and will be keeping its old Wednesday, 8pm time slot.

4.28.03 - Matt Roush from TV Guide: Two of NBC's finest series, the charming Ed and the gripping Boomtown, recently ended their seasons on creative highs: with Ed choosing true love Carol in an emotionally satisfying resolution, and with breakout Boomtown stars Neal McDonough and Donnie Wahlberg excelling in showcase episodes. So why are both shows still "on the bubble" for renewal? Ed performed surprisingly well on Fridays in its last weeks, and Boomtown, while hardly a hit, won a prestigious Peabody award and continues an NBC tradition of deeply personal crime drama that harks back to Hill Street Blues and Homicide: Life on the Street. What more do shows need to do to earn a network's support?

4.25.03 - 'Ed' Star Making Pilgrimage to Urinetown - While the future of Tom Cavanagh's "Ed" is still up in the air, if NBC executives want the actor back, they'll know where to find him. Cavanagh will be residing in the not-too-distant-future in a land of drought, poverty and heavily restricted urination. Starting on May 20, the actor will join the cast of Tony-winning musical "Urinetown...."

4.23.03 - Kristin at E!Online reports that Ed has a 70% chance of returning for a fourth season.

4.7.03 - Friday night was all about NBC, sweeping the night among A18-49 according to Nielsen Media Research's Fast Affiliate Ratings with a 4.3/13, ahead of ABC's 2.8/9, Fox, 2.3/7, CBS 1.8/6. NBC's second outing of its Most Talented Kid contest was on par with its premiere the week before, posting a 3.6/12, ahead of CBS' Star Search. At 9pm NBC's Ed aired in its new time period for the second week and showed improvement week to week - 3.7/11, +16% over last week. At 10pm, L&O: SVU delivered a solid 5.6/17.

4.4.03 - Don't miss Michael Ian Black on The Michael Essany Show, premiering on E! on Sunday at 10:30pm.

3.24.03 - Timothy Busfield has been cast in the NBC pilot Stuck in the Middle with You with Annie Potts. Busfield will play the father of a family desperately scrambling to stay in the middle class. The comedy is from Tim Doyle (Roseanne).

3.19.03 - 'Ed' Creators Take Upheaval in Stride - will-they-or-won't-they story has been at the center of NBC's dramedy "Ed" for nearly its entire three-season run. It looks like a similar plot is playing out behind the camera as well....

2.26.03 - NBC entertainment chief Jeff Zucker told reporters Wednesday that he's looking for a new time slot for "Ed" because "it's probably not an 8 o'clock show." Zucker based this conclusion on the ratings "bounce" the show typically got at 8:30 p.m. -- a bounce it no longer gets now that "American Idol" is on the air. But moving the show to 9 p.m. Fridays, which is where "Ed" heads beginning March 21, should not be construed as bad news. Not at all. Zucker just thinks 8 p.m. Wednesday is a better place for a reality show -- such as the "relationship show" he's currently searching for.

2.26.03 - Happy Birthday to Julie Bowen who will be 33 on Monday, March 3rd.

2.25.03 - As of March 21st, Ed will be moving to Friday nights at 9pm ET for three weeks.

1.6.03 - E!Online: Mixed Messages. Ed sweetie pie Julie Bowen hits a sour note at the New York premiere of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Whaddya expect with unflattering slimy white satin cargo pants, a black halter, a chest full of slinky gold chains and black suede heels? We could have excused the pants' hideous drawstrings and missing belt but not those wrinkles. Does nobody own an iron in Hollywood anymore?

1.3.03 - Wanda at E!Online says her Peacock pals hinted back in October that Ed would not make it to another season. But thanks to November's "wedding extravaganza," in which doofy Dennis left Carol at the altar, the third-season show enjoyed a huge (and unexpected) ratings spike. Word is NBC is waiting, with bated breath, to see whether the numbers can surge again during February sweeps. (Hmmm...who'll be left at the altar this time?) Still, it didn't help that the show received no recognition at the recent Globes noms, when last year Tom Cavanagh was nominated for best actor in a comedy. Chances of Making It to Next Season: 60%

12.6.02 - TV Guide Online: Ed Lightens Up - NBC's Ed is about to turn viewers into weight watchers. In September, Michael Genadry, who plays heavyweight high schooler Mark Vanacore, underwent gastric bypass surgery, and already he's dropped 70 pounds. Now, on Tuesday's episode (airing 8 pm/ET), the 24-year-old's character will submit to the procedure, which essentially reduces the size of one's stomach. "I started off over 450, and now I'm under 400," Genadry says proudly. "I don't see a difference, but everyone around me does...."

11.15.02 - TV Guide Online: Scoop! Sports Night Alum Joins Ed - Former Sports Night star Sabrina Lloyd is joining the cast of NBC's Ed in a multi-episode arc, TV Guide Online has learned....

11.13.02 - TV Guide Online: Ed Bride's Wedding Daze - If Carol Vessey looks somewhat bummed as she prepares to tie the knot with the wrong guy on tonight's Ed, it's no act. While shooting the episode, portrayer Julie Bowen came down with a bad case of wedding jitters herself. "It was slightly depressing, because [in real life], I'm a spinster," the 32-year-old single gal chuckles to TV Guide Online. "It was similar to having your first kiss be on-screen...." 10.17.02 - Lawyer: Drug Charge Against 'Ed's' Randall May Be Dropped - Results of drug tests on "Ed" actor Josh Randall seem to back up his assertion that he was wrongly arrested on a drug-possession charge. Randall was in court Wednesday (Oct. 16) in New York for a pretrial hearing in his case. His lawyer, Kenneth Glassman, believes charges may soon be dropped, the New York Post reports....

9.10.02 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Ed-vantage Server: Julie Bowen took in a larger than life game of tennis at the U.S. Open in New York.

8.7.02 - TV Guide Online: Ed's Big Chill - While Veronica's Closet is deservedly dead, we can't fault its cast for trying to keep their careers alive. Kirstie Alley plugs away at those Pier One furniture ads, bless her. Kathy Najimy still does movies, plus Peggy's voice on King of the Hill. And this fall, their old co-star Daryl "Chill" Mitchell gets one helluva second chance on NBC's Ed....

8.5.02 - TV Guide Online: Josh Randall -- who was arrested last week on drug charges -- has found the perfect place to hide out from the tabs. According to the Los Angeles Times, Randall and his wife, actress Claire Rankin, have become first-time home buyers with the purchase of a two-bedroom house in Los Angeles's Tony Hancock Park district for $479,000.

8.2.02 - Lawyer Maintains 'Ed' Star's Innocence - The incident that resulted in "Ed" cast member Josh Randall's arrest on drug-possession charges is a misunderstanding, Randall's lawyer says. Randall, who plays Dr. Mike Burton, the best friend of the title character on NBC's dramedy, was arrested Wednesday night (July 31) in New York City. Police claim they saw him smoking crack with a homeless man. Randall pleaded innocent Thursday (Aug. 1) to a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance....

7.23.02 - Danny DeVito will guest star in the third season premiere of Ed airing September 25th.

7.16.02 - Stuckeybowl will be getting a new Supervising Manager when Ed returns for its third season this fall. NBC announced today that Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell has joined the cast as Eli. Mitchell may be most recognizable as Leo Michaels of Veronica's Closet. His film appearances include "Galaxy Quest," "Black Knight" and the upcoming Disney movie "The Country Bears." He was also a part of the 80s rap group, Grove B. Chill. In November 2001, Mitchell was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident. His role on Ed will be the first on-camera acting work he has done since becoming a paraplegic.

6.11.02 - TV Guide Online: Ali Landry's "Softer" Spy TV - This month, Doritos hawker Ali Landry replaced Ed's weirdo-wiseacre Michael Ian Black as host of Spy TV. Why did NBC choose her pretty mug as the hidden-camera show's new face? 'Cause she's pretty, silly!...

5.13.02 - Ed will continue to air on Wednesdays at 8pm ET next season.

5.6.02 - The May 10th issue of Entertainment Weekly asks: Are Ed's Julie Bowen and Tom Cavanagh ever going to make out again? It might've been lip service, but the stars tell EW they're eager to get it on. "Come on, sanctioned fooling around is the best part of any actress' job!" laughs Bowen, who locked lips with Cavanagh just once, in the 2000 pilot. "I mean, unless the guy is an idiot and just ate a whole onion or something–and even then, it's still a good time." Cocreator Jon Beckerman might suggest a cold shower: "We figure it out as we go, and we honestly have no idea what's going to happen." But Beckerman did say this season's last episodes "will focus very heavily on their relationship." What a tease.

5.1.02 - 'Ed,' a show that's behaving badly - I'm no longer stuck on Stuckeyville. Sure, I was once sweet on NBC's "Ed," a show about Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh), a newly divorced lawyer who moved back to his hometown and bought a bowling alley with the intention of pursuing a high-school crush....

4.19.02 - Don't miss the rave review that Matt Roush gives Ed on page 10 of the April 20th issue of TV Guide.

4.5.02 - Paul Shaffer, the music director of CBS's Late Show with David Letterman, will guest star in the May 1st episode of Ed. For more info on his role, see the previews page. The show is part of NBC's 75th anniversary celebration that is reuniting previous NBC stars with current series. From 1978-80 Shaffer was a regular on "Saturday Night Live." He joined Letterman as the bandleader on NBC's "Late Night with David Letterman" in 1982. He has also appeared in a number of feature films including "Scrooged," "Look Who's Talking Too," "This Is Spinal Tap" and "Man on the Moon." Letterman also has a couple of other connections to "Ed" because his production company, Worldwide Pants, Inc., produces the show. Plus, "Ed" creators Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman have both done time as "Late Night" writer/producers.

3.29.02 - The Ed episode "The Stars Align" has received a nomination for a PRISM Award. PRISM Awards honor the accurate portrayal of drug and alcohol use and addiction in the entertainment industry. The awards are presented by the Entertainment Industry Council, a nonprofit group that encourages social responsibility in the entertainment world, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The ceremony will take place Thursday, May 9, and be taped for a syndicated broadcast by Tribune Entertainment.

3.8.02 - There is a great article on Kelly Ripa in March 8th issue of Entertainment Weekly. An excerpt: Ripa's morning glory may just be a stepping-stone. Witness her high-profile Feb. 27 guest spot on Ed. "At the core, Kelly is an absolute TV star," gushed Ed executive producer Rob Burnett, who doesn't rule out a Ripa reprise as Tom Cavanagh's love interest. Burnett adds jokingly: "In fact, my advice would be for her to dump Regis immediately."

2.7.02 - Lovely ex-Doritos hawker Ali Landry will replace Michael Ian Black as the host of Spy TV when the NBC hidden-camera series returns this summer.

1.24.02 - Live co-host Kelly Ripa will guest star on the February 27th episode of Ed, reports the New York Daily News. For more info on her character, see the previews page.

1.18.02 - Andy Richter, best known as Conan O'Brien's ex-sidekick and the star of the upcoming FOX series Andy Richter Controls the Universe, will guest star on the February 6th episode of Ed. For more details on his character, see the previews page.

12.21.01 - In Entertainment Weekly's special year-end double issue, Ed, along with Gilmore Girls, is named the #4 show of the year by Bruce Fretts. The real draws of these warm sophomore dramedies are the enticingly idyllic small towns they're set in–modern-day Mayberrys populated by lovable eccentrics trading rib-tickling dialogue. What better retreats from the big, bad real world?

12.20.01 - Tom Cavanagh was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Music or Comedy. The Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm ET Sunday, January 20th.

12.5.01 - Theme Effort - "Ed" gets a new theme song. The Foo Fighters tune wasn't theirs to keep.

11.29.01 - TV Guide Online "Caught in the Act" - Julie Bowen and Salma Hayek encourage our nation's youth to climb every mountain at the "Reach Your Peak" launch party in New York City.

11.17.01 - From the November 17th issue of TV Guide: GREAT PERFORMANCES. One of TV's most familiar and reliable character actors–he appeared as Amy's ex-husband on Judging Amy, Will's older brother on Will & Grace and one of Carrie's more notoriously kinky flings on Sex and the City–John Slattery now can be seen making the most of an attention-getting role on NBC's Ed as new high school principal Dennis Martino. So confidently aloof is Dennis that Ed (Tom Cavanagh) aspires to his level of coolness and perky English teacher Carol (Julie Bowen) is forever irked by his quietly devastating critiques. When she demands, "Why do you have it in for me?" he wryly replies "I don't know. Maybe I'm just bored." Nothing boring about Slattery's sly technique, and don't be surprised if he inspires more in Carol than a renewed enthusiasm to teach. -Matt Roush

10.19.01 - The Story Behind the New 'Ed' Theme - Jon Beckerman and Rob Burnett, the creators of "Ed," would like the show's devotees to know that they remain big fans of the Foo Fighters, whose song "Next Year" served as the show's theme song during its first season....

10.17.01 - TV Guide Online: Ladies' Night on Ed - This summer, when Justin Long reported back to work as Warren Cheswick....

9.24.01 - The season premiere was moved from October 17th to October 10th to join the season premiere of The West Wing which was pushed back a few weeks.

8.30.01 - Zap2It: NBC Pushes 'Ed' Premiere for Good Reason - While the rest of NBC's powerhouse Wednesday night lineup has its season premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 19, sophomore series Ed will be delayed four weeks until Oct. 17. According to NBC's Entertainment President, Jeff Zucker, this is only partially to make room for the six-week run of their new reality series Lost, which premieres on Sept. 5 in Ed's usual 8pm ET spot....

8.27.01 - TV Guide Online: Jeepers Ups the Fear Factor - Don't misunderstand Justin Long: He has a healthy respect for Scream, the ultra-ironic splatter flick that pumped new blood into the scary-movie industry. But he still is frightfully confident that thrill-seeking cinephiles will prefer his new film, Jeepers Creepers...

8.22.01 - Don't miss Justin Long in the new movie, "Jeepers Creepers," opening August 31st.

8.10.01 - Tom Cavanagh won a Family Television Award for favorite actor.

8.13.01 - Don't miss Michael Ian Black in the new movie, "Wet Hot American Summer."

7.16.01 - TV Guide Online: Who do you think is sexier, Julie Bowen or Rena Sofer?

7.12.01 - Ed received 3 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (James Frawley for the pilot) and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman for the pilot).

7.5.01 - Tom Cavanagh is one of the top 50 bachelors in America according to last week's People magazine.

6.29.01 - Don't miss Michael Ian Black hosting NBC's new hidden camera series, Spy TV.

5.14.01 - NBC's official Fall Schedule was released today, and Ed will be returning next season in its Wednesday, 8pm ET time slot.

5.14.01 - The AP reports that Ed has been banned from filming in Nyack, NY, where the show's shoots have caused such a ruckus that the town's mayor, Nancy Blaker-Weber, has had to field dozens of complaints about noise and street closing. Blaker-Weber says that the complaints have led the town to stop issuing fliming permits for six months while it reviews the issue of whether to allow filming in the village. It looks like Ed will have to find a new home.

4.23.01 - "Happy Gilmore," starring Julie Bowen, will air on NBC on Saturday, May 5th.

4.11.01 - has just acquired the right to manufacture and distribute retro bowling shirts bearing the official "Ed" and "Stuckeybowl" logos. The merchandise is now available at "Ed's Stuckeybowl Pro Sho" at In addition to the six styles of Stuckeybowl shirts, the site also features bowling shirts printed with logos for the "Smiling Goat" and the "Badass Cowboys." In the coming weeks, will offer other licensed Ed goods like souvenir bowling pins, rental bowling shoes, beer steins, salt & pepper shakers, and matchbooks, all bearing the Stuckeybowl name.

4.9.01 - Tom Cavanagh will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday, April 12th.

4.3.01 - Want air-time during Ed? Much like the whole on-air Valentine's Day thing NBC did in February, NBC is doing a Live Surprise contest. Go to and you could be one of four people to win a "reality interstitial" during an episode of Ed.

4.3.01 - Tom Cavanagh is in talks to star in the Showtime original movie "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" according to Variety. The film is about a high school teacher who mounts a production of a play as a way to reach out to a troubled student.

3.18.01 - From the March 17th issue of TV Guide: As the warm, witty Molly, loyal best friend to all loving couples on NBC's Ed, Lesley Boone deserves better than odd-girl-out status. So what a delight to see her get the man (or men). When guest star Kevin Pollak recently invited Molly to dinner, she responded without self-pity, "Why me? Why not Carol?" His answer: "Because you're more fearless." Fearless enough to ask calculus teacher Jeff (Sex and the City's David Eigenberg) for a date in another episode. He said yes. Who wouldn't?

3.8.01 - Tom Cavanagh won a TV Guide Award for Actor of the Year in a New Series.

2.07.01 - TV Guide Online: Lesley Boone talks about roles she's had before that offended her, and how she finally has a role she can be proud of.

1.29.01 - The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) today announced the nominees for its 12th Annual GLAAD Media Awards presented by ABSOLUT VODKA. The awards will take place in four ceremonies to be held in New York City on April 16, in Los Angeles on April 28, in Washington, D.C., on May 12, and in San Francisco on June 9. "The Whole Truth" was nominated an Outstanding Individual Episode (In a Series Without a Regular Gay Character).

1.26.01 - Ratings news: Temptation Island is still proving tempting to many A18-49 viewers, and for the third consecutive week won the time period in the demo. Temptation drew an 8.8/21 with A1-49, down slightly from the previous week, but still good enough for the win over an original episode of West Wing by 6 share points with its 6.4/15. West Wing won in total viewers. Also doing well for Fox on Wednesday evening was newcomer Grounded for Life with a 5.3/14 in the \demo, slipping slight from its That 70's Show lead-in (5.5/15), but building with total viewers half hour to half hour. At 8pm on NBC Ed delivered a 5.3/14 in the demo, beating Millionaire's 4.9/13. Law & Order still owns 10pm with its 7.1/19 demo rating.

1.11.01 - "Ed," doing nicely on Wednesday nights at 8pm, has already been renewed for the 2001-02 season.

1.8.01 - "Ed" won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Television Comedy Series.

1.3.01 - Look for Rena Sofer ("General Hospital," "Melrose Place," "Oh, Grow Up") in a multi-episode guest starring role.

1.2.01 - "Ed" was voted one of the top shows of TV critics across the country, beat out only by "The West Wing" and "Malcolm in the Middle" for the top slot in Electronic Media's biannual critics poll. More...

12.29.00 - "Ed" has been nominated for four TV Guide Awards: New Series of the Year, Actor of the Year in a New Series (Tom Cavanagh), Actress of the Year in a New Series (Julie Bowen), and Breakout Star of the Year (Tom Cavanagh).

12.21.00 - Amy Amatangelo at dish this says that "Ed" is a runner-up to her ten best shows of the year.

12.19.00 - "Ed" was ranked #6 out of TV Guide's Top 10 Shows of 2000.

11.30.00 - Tom Cavanagh has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Male Performer in a New Television Series and "Ed" has received a nomination for Favorite New Television Comedy Series. Vote!

11.10.00 - NBC will make a schedule change right after the conclusion of the November sweeps, flipping "Ed" from Sunday nights to Wednesdays at 8pm, displacing "Titans." "Titans" will find a home on Mondays at 8pm as of December 4th where sitcoms "Daddio" and "Tucker" used to live. "Dateline NBC" will move to 9pm to fill the vacancy left by "Deadline." This still leaves a hole on Sunday nights at 8pm where "Ed" is currently airing. NBC announced it will bring back the reality series "World Most Amazing Videos" at 7pm, and push "Dateline" into 8pm Sunday nights.

10.30.00 - TV Guide Online reports that NBC is expected to give "Ed" a full season order.

10.10.00 - "Ed" got off to an impressive start Sunday night, attracting 15.7 million viewers. It placed a strong second behind CBS's "60 Minutes." The show will face its real test when it goes up against CBS's "Touched by an Angel" (returning next week) and FOX's formidable comedy block of "The Simpsons" and "Malcolm in the Middle" (back after the World Series).

10.4.00 - TV Guide Online: Ed Cast Whoops It Up