February 6: "Happily Ever After"

Season (probably series) finale

Now at its new time, Friday at 9pm ET

From NBC

WILL CAROL AND ED'S BIG WEDDING DAY BE A THREE-RING CIRCUS? -- When Carol (Julie Bowen) convinces Ed (Tom Cavanagh) that their wedding plans need to be more spectacular, they decide to have a circus-themed wedding. As Ed's parents arrive, he and Carol go their respective ways for a bachelor and bachelorette party, while earnest student Warrne (Justin Long) decides to make an ambitious video for the ceremony -- "The Ed Stevens and Carol Vessey Story." Meanwhile, Phil (Michael Ian Black) tries desperately to convince Ed to let him perform the wedding ceremony. Josh Randall, JanaMarie Hupp, Daryl Mitchell and Rachel Cronin also star.

From TV Guide

The fourth-season finale finally sees Ed and Carol tie the knot, and the bride-to-be suggests it be tied onto a circus theme. Prior to the ceremony, there are bachelor-bachelorette parties and Warren makes a video for the couple.

Cast: Daryl `Chill' Mitchell, JanaMarie Hupp, Josh Randall, Julie Bowen, Justin Long, Lesley Boone, Michael Ian Black, Rachel Cronin, Tom Cavanagh