Season 3, Episode 1: Human Nature

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Season premiere

Aired: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Rating: 7.0/11

$10: Ed dares Mike to ask a guy directions to the Montclair Hotel, which is an old joke between Ed and Mike where they turn up the music on the radio so the guy has to yell the directions.

Full synopsis

Written by Jon Beckerman & Rob Burnett
Directed by Timothy Busfield

Tom Cavanagh
Julie Bowen
Jana Marie Hupp
Josh Randall
Lesley Boone
Michael Ian Black
Rachel Cronin
Mike Starr
Justin Long
Michael R. Genadry
Ginnifer Goodwin
Special guest star John Slattery as Principal Dennis Martino

Daryl Mitchell as Eli Cartwright Goggins III
Danny Burstein as Johnnie Lugozzo
Reed Birney as Mr. Walzer
Special guest star Danny DeVito as Dr. Jack Carmichael

Denise Lute as judge
William J. Hasler as man
Barney Fitzpatrick as detective #1
Nathaniel Eyde as detective #2
Marla Singer as jury foreperson
Lauren and Morgan Thomas as Sarah Burton

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