Season 2, Episode 8: Goodbye Sadie

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Aired: Wednesday, December 3, 2001

Rating: 6.2/10

$10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to eat a chip after Ed tells him how he committed 20 years of his life to eating "just one."


Written by Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman
Directed by Mel Damski

Special guest star Pat Finn as Jim Frost

Guest starring
Mark Blum as Arnold Bancroft
Ben Shenkman as Frank Carr
Robin Paul as Jessica Martell
Ginnifer Goodwin as Diane Snyder
Amy Hohn as Alison Goldstein
Kevyn Morrow as Mr. Gordon
Richard E. Council as Matthew Crain
Mark Matkevich as Ronald Bernard Foster (Fozcat)
Charles Dumas as Judge LaRue
Mitchell Greenberg as Victor Sedaka
Bernie Sheredy as secretary Bob
Forrest Compton as Mr. Stackhouse
Scott Butler as Jakey
Nate Mooney as Russell
Diane Cossa as forewoman
Adam Rose as kid

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