Season 2, Episode 5: Closure

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Aired: Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Rating: 7.2/11

$10 Bet: Mike tries to bet Ed $6 to hug the giant chicken (because that's all he has in his wallet), but then Ed bets Mike $10 to hug the giant chicken, so Mike has to do it.


Written by Tom Spezialy
Directed by Melanie Mayron

Special guest star Pat Finn as Jim Frost

Guest starring
Patricia Velasquez as Sonja Amata
Melissa Errico as Liz
Marvin Chatinover as Dr. Walter Jerome
Charles Dumas as Judge LaRue
Helen Stenborg as Mrs. Barb Miller
Jack Poggi
Dick LaTessa as Jerry Waldrop
Peter Benson
Danton Stone
Deirdre Lovejoy as Ms. Diamond
Gale Mayron as nurse
Matthrew J. Markey as guy in chicken suit
Featured music
"Packing Blankets" by Eels (Phil realizes the number was visible)
"Heaven Knows" by Donna Summer (ending song)

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