Quotes from Pretty Girls and Waffles

We have got some waffles
Tasty tasty waffles
Hello, Mr. Waffle
Goodbye, Mr. Waffle
You heard me, waffles
You are a waffle, yeah

Phil: Let me guess. Someone's suing you for being too damn beautiful.

Carol: I've been with Nick for seven years. After seven years you should be able to toss somebody a waffle, right?

Carol: I have to break up with Nick.

Nancy: I hate to sound like one of those mothers, but most of the other kids Sarah's age are rolling over by now.
Mike: Well, goodbye, Harvard!
Nancy: Honey, that's not what I mean, I just, y'know, want to make sure she's okay.
Mike: I didn't roll over 'til my twenty-third birthday.
Nancy: Oh my God, I'm married to funniest man alive.

Nick: I had this crazy dream that you were busting us up over a waffle.

Ed: I miss her, though. I mean, I don't want her back, but I miss her. How crazy is that, y'know? When they wired us humans up they really should have labeled the wires. Don't you think?

Sela: Ed?
Ed: Yeah.
Sela: Could I interest you in a celebratory cocktail?

Carol: I don't think I can take you being adorable right now.
Ed: I'm sorry. I can't turn that off.

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