Season 1, Episode 4: Pretty Girls and Waffles

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Aired: Sunday, October 29, 2000

Rating: 8.3/12

$10 Bet: Ed dared Mike to order at a restaurant by saying "Burger Me."


Written by Rob Burnett
Directed by Kevin Dowling

Special guest star Gregory Harrison as Nick Stanton

Guest starring
Joanna Going as Sela McKenzie
Christopher Sieber as Bob Crickmore
Joyce Reehling as Ms. Gustechi
Marvin Chatinover as Dr. Walter Jerome
Lyn Nagel
Peter Gerety as Dick Knight
Mike Hodge as judge
Kate Mara as Kelly Kovacs
Stephanie Mnookin as waitress
Lisa Altomare as Mrs. Sympkazmer
Samm Levine as kid #1
Tre Roy as kid #2 ("torn")
Joe Paparone as Mr. Matthews
Dick Burnett as delivery man
Kenny Sheehan as Bill Woslouis
Jonathan Dokuchitz as dancer #1
Kevin Neil McCready as dancer #2
Michael Lee Scott as dancer #3
Brad Anderson as dancer #4
Jeffrey Broadhurst as dancer #5
Clarke Thorell as dancer #6
Featured music
"Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money (Sela first walks into Stuckeybowl)
"There's No Business Like Show Business" (Molly meets Bob for the first time and Kelly's audition)
"Big Shot" originally by Billy Joel (first audition)
"Magnet and Steel" by Walter Egan (Phil's window wash)
"Hello Old Friend" by Kim Richey (ending montage)

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