Season 1, Episode 7: Something Old, Something New

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Aired: Sunday, November 19, 2000

Rating: 6.7/10

$10 Bet: Mike dared Ed to ask the manager in a supermarket where the lettuce is... but Ed could only pronounce it "Le-toos."


Written by Andrea Newman and Rob Burnett
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Guest starring
Christopher Murney
Constance Barron
Max Rosmarin as Gavin Shrader
John Randolph Jones as shack owner
Steve Mellor
Munson Hicks as judge
Lizbeth Mackay as Rita Shrader
Edmund Lyndeck as Molly's grandfather
Rob Leo Roy as man (buying turkey)
Joe Paparone as manager
Carole Troll as forewoman
Jerry Rockwood as next man
Jane P. Nichols as passerby

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