Season 1, Episode 3: Just Friends

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Aired: Sunday, October 22, 2000

Rating: 8.3/13

$10 Bet: Mike dared Ed to drink the rest of a bottle of syrup at the breakfast table.


Written by Jon Beckerman
Directed by Marc Buckland

Special guest star Gregory Harrison as Nick Stanton

Guest starring
Ted Koch
Jim Norton
Shuler Hensley
Robert Stanton
Paul Michael Valley as Richard Davis
Munson Hicks as Judge Henderson
Robert Weil as Mr. Winthrope
Michael Heintzman as mailman
Jordan Leeds as other lawyer
Ashley Wolfe as Marie
Mark Fish as video clerk
Raynor Scheine as customer #1
Sam Reni as customer #2
Chris McGinn as customer #3
Christopher Wynkoop as customer #4
David B. McConeghey as bar guy
Christopher Carley as kid 1
Featured music
"You're the Inspiration" by Peter Cetera (Ed's video)
"Coming to America" (Phil's interview)
"So Nice (Summer Samba)" by M. Valle, P. Valle and Gimbel (montage after Daly makes job offer)

Justin Long is a Keanu Reeves in the making.

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