Season 1, Episode 21: Mixed Signals

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Aired: Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Rating: 7.1/12

$10 Bet: Ed dares Mike to kiss Kenny on the cheek.


Written by Jon Beckerman & Rob Burnett
Directed by Alan Myerson

Guest starring
Marvin Chatinover as Dr. Walter Jerome
Tom Bloom as Jerry Foley
Will Lyman as Gus McGraw
Robin Paul as Jessica Martell
Tessa Ghylin as Donna Tozzi
Michael R. Genadry as Mark Vanacore
Max Rosmarin as Gavin Shrader
Adam Sietz as Tim Vecchio
Noah Bean as Tim Cooper
Mario Cantone as Scott Hayes
Joe Ponazecki as judge
Bill Scheft as Jack Baker (comedian)
Neal Lerner as caterer
Alex Molina as Doctor Busis
Guy Whitlock as greeter (Leon Spinks look-alike)
Featured music
"Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley
"Danke Schoen" by ?
"Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin

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