Season 1, Episode 2: The World of Possibility

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Aired: Sunday, October 15, 2000

Rating: 6.9/10

$10 Bet: Mike dared Ed to meow loud enough to make a guy, sitting far away on a bench, turn around.


Written by Rob Burnett
Directed by Marc Buckland

Special guest star Gregory Harrison as Nick Stanton

Guest starring
Eddie Bracken as Stuckeyville Stan
Sarah Litzsinger as Kendra
James Murtaugh
Mike Hodge as judge
John E. Cariani as Howard Pissle
Robert Ari as sales rep
Charles Stransky as construction worker
Bill Buell as Bob
Mark Alan Beia as kid #1
Thomas Maher as kid #2
Featured music
"Someday, Someway" by Marshall Crenshaw (painting scene)

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