Season 4, Episode 3: The Dream

It's so unfair! One stupid test and I'm roadkill on the highway of natural selection. You realize my entire future now is nothing but a barren expanse of minimum wage jobs and reality TV, all leading to my eventual extinction.

Aired: Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Rating: 5.6/9


Written by Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar
Directed by Tom Cavanagh

Starring Marcy Harriell as Jennifer Young

Guest starring
Ken Jennings
Roger Serbagi
Joel Fabiani

Special guest star Curtis Armstrong as Mr. Cheswick

Richard Hecht as auctioneer
Wendy Long as Mrs. Cheswick
Pete Corby as trainer
Craig Bockhorn as proprietor
Bill Winkler as Harley
Andy Señor as Mr. Diaz
W.A. Walters as disciple #1
Victor W. Hawks as Simon
Ruth Kulerman as Madeline