Season 4, Episode 15: Pressure Points

He was a big fella, wasn't he?

Aired: Friday, January 23, 2004

Rating: 5.5/9


Written by Barb Mackintosh & Lisa Michelle Payton
Directed by Michael Slovis

Special guest star Lea Thompson as Liz Brown

Special guest star Blair Brown as Mrs. Mary Burton

Special guest star Burt Reynolds as Mr. Russell Burton

Special guest star Amy Sedaris as Kate McCormack

Guest starring
Jeff McCarthy

And Clay Aiken as himself

Martin Kildare as officer #1
Aisha De Haas as officer #2
Steven Boyer as mugger
Crystal Bock as Mrs. Davis
Troy Metcalf as Aaron
Brett Tabisel as JT/producer
Sally L. Bayer as customer
Featured music
"This Magic Moment" performed by Clay Aiken
"The Way" performed by Clay Aiken Aiken Pops Up on 'Ed' - As tensions are revving up for the newest installment of FOX's "American Idol," the two finalists of last season's edition are beginning to spread their acting weeks. On the same day that UPN announced that winner Ruben Studdard was set to appear as himself on an episode of "One on One," NBC announced that "Ed" scored the series acting debut from runner-up Clay Aiken. Aiken will appear in a January episode of NBC's relationship dramedy. He'll play a singing star named Clay Aiken. Neither "Idol" finalists is ready to show off their Method acting chops just yet, apparently....