Season 4, Episode 13: Back in the Saddle

Aired: Friday, January 9, 2004

Rating: 5.0/8


Written by Kevin Etten & Chris Dingess
Directed by Jason Ensler

Starring Marcy Harriell as Jennifer Young

Special guest star Lea Thompson as Liz Brown

Guest starring
Jim Gaffigan as Toby Gibbons
Ross Bickell as Goodtime Gus
Mickey Kelly as Duncan
John P. McLaughlin as Jerry
Carl Palmer as foreman
Jack O'Connell as Del Bertolucci
Josh Flitter as Little Tommy
Featured music
"She's Not Just Another Woman" by Eighth Day (Eli & Jennifer get busy)
I think that was a Freedy Johnston song when Ed & Liz were eating pizza, but I'm not sure