Season 3, Episode 9: Makeovers

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Aired: Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Rating: 7.3/12

$10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to stand up in the Smiling Goat and sing Jingle Bells like a dog.

Written by Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman
Directed by Don Scardino

Timothy Busfield as Lloyd Stevens
Dan Ziskie as Judge Kuhn
Marceline Hugot
Natacha Roi as Sheila Rogers
Teresa Yenque as Carmella
Nat DeWolf as Kym Sally
David Lenthall as Joe Vanacore
Dick Shea as Mr. Nicholas
Adrian Martinez as guy #1
Chad Thomas as guy #2

This was originally supposed to be the 10th episode of the season, but was shown out of order for some reason.

TV Guide Online: Ed Lightens Up - NBC's Ed is about to turn viewers into weight watchers. In September, Michael Genadry, who plays heavyweight high schooler Mark Vanacore, underwent gastric bypass surgery, and already he's dropped 70 pounds. Now, on Wednesday's episode (airing 8 pm/ET), the 24-year-old's character will submit to the procedure, which essentially reduces the size of one's stomach. "I started off over 450, and now I'm under 400," Genadry says proudly. "I don't see a difference, but everyone around me does...."

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