Season 3, Episode 3: The Road

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Aired: Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Rating: 7.1/11

$10 Bet: Mike dares Ed to impress a woman by acting like an ostrich.

Written by Drake Sather
Directed by Jamie Babbit

David Cromwell as Nuner
Jacob Pitts as Johnny Malone
Special guest star Eric Thal as Frank

Jane B. Harris as Irene
Jim Parsons as Chet
Diane Landers as Nicole
William Duell as Mr. Hinckey
LaTonya Borsay as diner waitress
Patrick Donaghey as wheelchair basketball coach

John Slattery was missing from the credits.

Good reference to "those weird states where it's illegal to pump your own," since Ed is filmed in New Jersey, which is one of them.

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