Season 3, Episode 14: The Case

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That was your leg?
Uh huh.
I'm sorry, I thought it was furniture.

Aired: Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Rating: 6.8/10

Written by Kevin Etten
Directed by Allison Liddi-Brown

Special guest star Sabrina Lloyd as Frankie Hector

Special guest star Tom Wilson as Sean Nowell

With William Sadler guest starring as Lee Leetch

And a special guest appearance by Daniel Sunjata Condon as Danny Smith

Matthew Stadelmann as Ryan Nowell
Denise Lute as judge
Elena Aaron as Anna Gaydash
Marissa Copeland as Kelly Kolcheck
Mike Timoney as Detective Henderson
Ted Sutton as Al Pavlik
Ben Rauch as nerd #1
Bradford W. Anderson as nerd #2
Susan Varon as jury forewoman

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