Season 3, Episode 11: Frankie

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You have the palate of a Little Rascal, Cheswick.

Aired: Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Rating: 7.5/12

$10: Mike dares Ed to "chatter" a guy who is eating a burger at the counter at the bowling alley.

Written by Jessica Queller
Directed by Timothy Busfield

Special guest star Sabrina Lloyd as Frankie Hector

Guest starring
Ben Shenkman as Mr. Bednarik
Special guest appearance by Michael Gaston as Coach Kerwin

Ray Fitzgerald as Steve Ryan
Peggy Gormley as Kay Ryan
Thacher C. Goodwin as Tim Ryan
James Lorenzo as Dr. Palumbo
Steven Burnett as judge
Alex Manette as guy
Jason Fuchs as Wesley Stout
Kieran Campion as John Halper
Steven Rishard as George
Jonathan Sale as Leon
Jason Alan Griffin as jury foreman
Sheffield Chastain as counter person
Jennifer Melody Rios as kid
Alex Finch as Chris

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