Quotes from A Job Well Done

Ed: Your dad said it made me look like Kojack.
Ron: Did you want to look like Kojack?
Ed: On this particular day, yes, I did.

Nancy: Mike, what's goin' on with you?
Mike: Nothing.
Nancy: Honey, y'know, your job as a doctor is to treat head injuries, not sustain them.

Mike: Nance, I'm not having a sarcastic baby.

Ron: Pretty girl shows some leg, flirts with them, they buy a suit, everybody's happy.
Ed: I'm not happy.

Ron: God didn't give you shoulders, but I can.

Phil: Actual Bloodhounds are a little pricey.

Ed: When somebody becomes a lawyer, they can specialize in all different kinds of law. International law, tax law, contract law... what they can't specialize in is good guy law. I'm sorry, I only represent good guys. Good guy law is not an option.

Carol: Thirty-two teachers in this school. Why do you have it in for me?
Dennis: I don't know, maybe I'm just bored.

Molly to Ed: I didn't know you were such a tiny man.

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