Season 2, Episode 22: Last Chance

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I won a duck.

Season finale

Aired: Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Rating: 6.3/11

$10 Bet: Mike dares Ed to wolf-whistle a man, and although Ed says he's not in the mood and that's over the line, he does it anyway.

Written by Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman
Directed by Timothy Busfield

Special guest star John Slattery as Principal Dennis Martino

Guest starring
Marvin Chatinover as Dr. Walter Jerome
Michael R. Genadry as Mark Vanacore
Ginnifer Goodwin as Diane Snyder
Christian Kauffman
Max Rosmarin as Gavin Shrader
John Reidy as ferris wheel operator
Irwin Charone as guy #1 Dick Burnett as guy #2
Paul Scannapieco as tailor
Ray Grins as unicyclist
Owen St. Adele as skateboard kid

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