Season 2, Episode 20: Power of the Person

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Aired: Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Rating: 6.3/11

$10 Bet: Ed dares Mike to get a random guy's autograph pretending to think he's Kenny Rogers.

Written by Jon Beckerman & Rob Burnett
Directed by Timothy Busfield

Special guest star John Slattery as Principal Dennis Martino

Guest starring
Michael R. Genadry as Mark Vanacore
Ginnifer Goodwin as Diane Snyder
Charlotte Colavin as Mrs. Snyder
Craig Wroe as Father Thomas
Frederick Owens as Reverend Isaac
Alan Kalter as Roger Gable
James Ransone as Gary Morton
Brian Donahue as Carl
John P. McLaughlin as Roy
Joel Rooks as Rabbi Shmulowitz
Uzi Parnes as male customer
Joseph Alexander Finch as Chester
Ted Coluca as Ben
Jimmy Archer as referee
Steve Beauchamp as reporter
Shannon Emerick as Kimberly
Robert Zanfini as Kenny Rogers look alike
Bruce Ward as guy
Greg Hall as choir member
Roger Holland as choir member
Claude Jay as choir member
Bill McEachern as choir member
Emily Walton as choir member
Lynette Colbert as choir member
Eva Crews as choir member
Michelle Daniel as choir member
Mercy Smith-Gulston as choir member
Jennifer Lane as choir member

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