Season 1, Episode 9: Your Life is Now

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Aired: Sunday, December 20, 2000

This episode was originally supposed to air on December 13th, but it was pre-empted with a repeat episode of "The West Wing" because the whole Wednesday night schedule got thrown out of whack by breaking election news.

Rating: 8.0/13

$10 Bet: Mike started to dare Ed to eat one of the dog-food crackers he had prepared for Troy, but before Mike could even get the words out Ed popped one into his mouth.


Written by Mike Schwartz and Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman
Directed by Marc Buckland

Guest starring
Peter Maloney
Robin Paul as Jessica Martell
Steve Routman
Grant Show as Troy McCallum
Mike Hodge as judge
Noah Bean as Tim Cooper
Max Rosmarin as Gavin Shrader
Penny Balfour as waitress
J.P. Shanks as salesman
Jay Burns as man in a suit
Jim Fitzpatrick as customer
Kate Simses as girl #1
Rory Wheeler as another jock
Featured music
"Tired of Waiting for You" by the Kinks (Ed waiting for fridge)

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