Season 1, Episode 5: Better Days

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Aired: Sunday, November 5, 2000

Rating: 6.9/10

$10 Bet: Mike dared Ed to go hit on a girl at a bar... with a mouth full of bar nuts.


Written by Rob Burnett & Jon Beckerman
Directed by Marc Buckland

Special guest star Gregory Harrison as Nick Stanton

Guest starring
Jessica Stone
Ray Bokhour as Chuck Harris
Peter Appel
Hazelle Goodman
Mickey Kelly as Duncan
Salem Ludwig as Professor Kaplan
Paul Haber as Barry
David Lipman as Godfrey
Don Sparks as woodshop teacher
Robin Paul as Jessica Martell
Celia Tackaberry as haircut woman
Savanna Samson as Cocoa
Laurie Wallace as Kitten
Susan Misner as female teacher
Gregory Korostishevsky as shampoo guy
Matt Jay Manzella as jock

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