Season 1, Episode 15: Loyalties

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Aired: Tuesday, February 20, 2001

This episode was rerun the day after its first run in Ed's normal time slot on Wednesday.

Rating: 6.7/11

$10 Bet: Ed dares Mike to speak in a British accent to an old classmate they run into at the Smiling Goat.


Written by Jon Beckerman & Rob Burnett
Directed by Rick Wallace

Guest starring
Rena Sofer as Bonnie Hane
David Eigenberg as Jeff Alexander
Erin Cottrell as Amanda Bays
Ned Eisenberg
Steve Mellor
Paige Price as Carrie Thomas
Special guest star John Goodman as Big Rudy

Mike Hodge as judge
Don Puglisi as Mr. Peterson
Kelly Deadmon as Hilary Sanders
Gibson Frazier as Barry Jessup, the drummer
Mickey Kelly as Duncan
Greg Vaccarello as customer #1
Steven Rosen as customer #2
Diane Neal as Vanessa
Featured music
"Right There in Front of Me" by Marshall Crenshaw (closing song)

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